Kind Words

Ashley is such a unique and wonderful support to have throughout the pregnancy and the entire birth! She made me confident enough to stand up for my beliefs and preferences, and was always a cheerleader for me. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I thought my chance for a natural birth was out the window. Ashley helped me fight for the birth I wanted…and looking back, my birth was amazingly beautiful. Ashley was there by my side the entire time, providing physical support, emotional support, and even led me through relaxation visualization when I needed it most. She stayed with me as we were transferred to our postpartum room to ensure my postpartum and breastfeeding experience was supported. Ashley doesn’t pretend to know the answers to all your questions, but you better believe she will pour through the research and her network to find you answers. I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley to help make your birth experience Beautiful.

– Karlene, doula client


 Ashley Bennett was absolutely wonderful! She was very helpful for the birth of our daughter, Journey Grace. Even before my labor began, she was on top of things by being available over the phone, coming to our house to check on us, and helping in various ways.  Throughout the pre-labor stage, we would check in with her to let her know what was going on, and she gave us great tips and advice to help us along the way.

Once she came over for active labor, she worked around the clock helping my husband tend to me, cooking and serving me food and drinks, and preparing our bedroom for post delivery skin-to-skin bonding and first feeding. She also helped take care of things around the house like laundry and cleaning.  

Her warm smile and her calm, gentle spirit were very beneficial because they helped me to stay calm. Ashley was one of my necessary anchors throughout my pregnancy and delivery.

– Jenny, Bradley student and doula client


Hiring Ashley was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. We were originally on the fence about hiring a doula. We had recently completed the Bradley Method course and thought that that course would be enough for a successful birth. However, after talking with Ashley for several hours on the phone I was immediately convinced of her passion and capabilities.

Due to Ashley’s thoroughness leading up to the birth of our daughter we were well prepared to handle and manage several difficult situations during labor. She helped us navigate the medical decisions we had to make and was our sounding board. Her help was invaluable during a stressful time.

While the classes helped, at the end of the day Ashley was our secret weapon. Not only did we receive personalized care and information but Ashley always listened and was always there to empower and reassure us throughout the entire process.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ashley’s doula services!­­

– Erika and Angel, doula clients

I can’t imagine our birth story going any other way – and Bradley was the best decision we made in preparing for that incredible day. I can say with full confidence that the classes were the single-most important preparation for us and had more of an impact on my labor experience than I ever imagined.
– Kristin, Bradley student

My husband and I did our best on our own to navigate through a difficult birthing experience with our first child; a 3-day induced labor which ultimately led to a caesarean. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I knew that I wanted to attempt a natural VBAC and I also knew that to do so successfully, my husband and I would benefit from the support of a doula.

With very short notice, Ashley enthusiastically agreed to be our doula. From our initial emails to our various meetings in person, Ashley was personable, professional, knowledgable, and thoughtful about our wishes and our concerns. She asked questions to learn more about our experiences prior to our meeting and to get a sense of our ideal birthing experience. She always made us feel heard and seemed genuinely interested in our answers. She shared birthing resources such as; hypnobirthing and the Bradley Method, and made suggestions that she felt might be beneficial, but she was never pushy with her suggestions. From the beginning to the birth of our son, we knew that Ashley was cheering for us!

On my due date, labor began. Ashley was in touch with us at home throughout the day as labor progressed and stalled. She was more than willing to join us at our house but we agreed that she would stay in touch by phone and join us at the hospital as soon as labor progressed. That evening things moved quickly. We called Ashley and she quickly met us at the hospital. Her calming presence and flexible attitude put us at ease. Her suggestions to my husband for specific comfort measures to try, such as offering frequent sips of water and cold clothes to the forehead, allowed him to stay present and feel helpful. She made suggestions of different positions to try to ease my discomfort  and always listened to everything I needed and requested. She always made me feel that ultimately I knew what my body needed to do and she was there to support in any way she could. In the end, my wish to have a natural VBAC came true and I gave birth to our healthy baby boy! Ashley shared with us the beautiful photographs she took of the precious first moments when our son was born.  We feel grateful to Ashley for her gentle guidance and positive presence during the labor and birth of our son.

– Carolyn R, doula client