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Voidable Agreement Deutsch

ยง 144Resolve a countervailable transaction Other 6.1 If any condition mentioned in this contract is annigable or questionable, the validity and enforceability of the other conditions of this contract shall not be affected and, if necessary, the non-applicable or countervailable condition shall be adapted or replaced in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. If, for any reason, any provision of this Agreement is held by a court to be invalid, objectionable or otherwise unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable from the rest of the Agreement and the remainder of the Agreement shall be construed and construed without reference to the unenforceable provision. The act of invalidation of the contract by the party exercising its rights to cancel the countervailable contract is generally referred to as either the annulment of the treaty (in the United States and Canada) or the avoidance of the treaty (in the United Kingdom, Australia and other common law countries). Although the law varies from country to country, most disputes about whether a transaction is invalid or questionable revolve around the possibility of transferring ownership of property. In many jurisdictions, if a transaction is valid but questionable, ownership of the property always passes under the transaction, and the recipient can sell it with a good title. If the transaction is not valid, no property is crossed and the original seller can pick up the goods. [5] Typical grounds for challenging a contract are coercion, unlawful influence, misrepresentation or fraud. A contract concluded by a minor is often questionable, but a minor can only avoid a contract during his minority status and for a reasonable period after the age of majority. After a reasonable period of time, the treaty is deemed to have been ratified and cannot be circumvented. [1] Other examples are real estate contracts, lawyers` contracts, etc. The right of withdrawal may be lost. The Common Law generally says that there are four “obstacles” to resignation, each resulting in the agreement no longer being considered questionable: Black`s Law Dictionary (relevant to U.S. law) defines as follows: A countervailable contract, unlike an invalid contract, is a valid contract that, at the option of one of the parties, can be validated or rejected.

A part at most equal is related. The unrelated party may reject (refuse) the contract on the date on which the contract becomes void. Where a contract is concluded without the free consent of the party, it shall be considered a countervailable contract. The definition of the law stipulates that a countervailable contract is applicable by law to the choice of one or more parties, but not to the choice of the other parties. A countervailable contract may be considered valid if it is not terminated within a reasonable time by the injured party. If certain provisions of these general terms and conditions or ancillary agreements are wholingly or partially ineffective or countervailable, this shall not affect the validity of other provisions or agreements. As a general rule, a party has the right to choose whether it wishes to cancel or validate the transaction. The prevention of a countervailable transaction amounts to resignation or the exercise of a power of withdrawal and, as such, is governed by ordinary law. 6.2 Jumbo has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under an agreement with its users to third parties. If any of the conditions prove to be ineffective or questionable, the other conditions remain untouched. If another marriage is contracted abroad before the dissolution of the first marriage is recognized by the competent National Ministry of Justice, the second marriage bears the defect of bigamy and is therefore questionable. Translate the text of each app or website with a single click.

If any provision of these Terms of Use should be inoperative or objectionable, the other provisions shall not be affected. . . .

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