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Vancouver Agreement Authorship

Friedman proposes 2 or 3 of the following criteria as a minimum requirement for the author, but adds that the appropriate minimum depends on “individual circumstances such as the number of authors.” This directive would collect certain contributors of recognition to authors in relation to the Vancouver agreement. It is also recommended that individuals who have contributed to only 1 category be referred for recognition. If you are writing a doctoral thesis with articles with co-authors, your co-authors must make signed statements about the co-author. The statement must contain a description of your contribution and co-author to the article. It is particularly important that your autonomous contribution can be identified. The declaration implies acceptance of the inclusion of the article in your final thesis. Co-author can be a source of frustration and conflict. It is important to decide which co-authors will be admitted and how co-authors will contribute from the beginning of the publication process. In addition, co-authors should discuss it again when the manuscript is almost ready for publication.

There are very few laws and regulations concerning co-authority. The Vancouver recommendations are one of the few guidelines we have and, to a large extent, it is up to the co-authors to reach an agreement in the event of a conflict. By publishing their scientific work, authors would normally assume a number of legal obligations arising from the agreement signed with the publisher. In particular with regard to guarantees that no plagiarism has been committed and that the publication of scientific works does not violate the rights of others. This may be thought-provoking if the scientific work contains quotations from the works of others or if the work contains statements that may be defamatory. See publication of articles and books. Copyright in joint works is held collectively in accordance with section 6 of the Danish Copyright Act. This means that any transaction concerning the work requires an agreement between the authors.

For example, any co-author may refuse the publication of the article. In the case of research cooperation, it is generally advisable to conclude, at the beginning of research cooperation, clear agreements on authors and the right to publish scientific work in order to avoid subsequent disputes, see research cooperation. Some large groups with multiple authors refer to the author by a group name, with or without the names of the individuals. When submitting a manuscript written by a group, the corresponding author must indicate the name of the group, if any, and clearly identify the members of the group who can assume recognition and responsibility for the work as authors. The byline of the article identifies who is directly responsible for the manuscript, and MEDLINE lists as authors the names that appear on the byline….

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