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Tea Franchise Agreement

the franchisee does not intend to continue to operate the franchise unless such failure is due to fire, flood, earthquakes or other similar causes that are not controlled by the franchisee and (iii) the inability to actively and continuously maintain and respond to the franchisee`s telephone; Wins a food franchise agreement that is not found around a similar solid restaurant in the most profitable business partners who have claimed the brands, (s) We terminate for a material reason any other franchise agreement between you (or any other legal entity in which you or one of your controlling owners have a majority stake); This franchise agreement is renewed from [renewal date]. Both parties have the option of renewing or terminating this franchise agreement on that date. This initial training program consists of a maximum of 5 weeks of training, as the company may determine, at one or more of the following locations: (i) the company`s headquarters in Irvine, California, (ii) at a company café or franchise, (iii) at the franchisee`s site, or (iv) at one or more locations that may be designated by the company. In the case of a franchisee that is a business entity, the company may require the officer to be an owner, senior officer or other designated representative.a) The company will use its reasonable efforts to obtain the franchisee within 90 days of receipt of the franchisee`s request for authorization and other requested information and objects, in accordance with section 10.3.2, on its Decision to inform.

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