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Cooperative Agreement Form University Of Cumberlands

Students experiencing health emergencies or extenuating living conditions may request in writing a medical withdrawal from the university. Applications must be submitted in writing to the student secretariat before the end of the current semester. Requests for medical payment must contain a justification of the request and written documents expressly supported by competent professionals and/or licensees. The university reserves the right to request additional information regarding the request for medical withdrawal. Students receiving medical withdrawal receive “W” grades in all classes. Claims for reimbursement of money related to medical withdrawal must be approved by the Vice President of Finance. The university does not guarantee any refund of money due to a medical revocation carried out beyond the published filing dates and deadlines. Students should consult with Student Financial Services regarding financial responsibility before requesting a medical withdrawal. The “Reformation” initiatives focused on Cumberland College`s Christian heritage and called on the government to halt a supposed drift toward secularization. These initiatives have, for example, prompted the government to “establish a clear and undiluted vision that defines christian faith, principles, values, and behavior as essential to Cumberland`s purpose,” and an obligation to “recruit teachers and collaborators who profess faith in Jesus Christ.” 17.

Unless this Agreement employs you as a permanent faculty member, the University does not give any commitment or assurance as to further offers of employment beyond the duration of this Agreement and you should not rely on oral or written assurances to the contrary. Employment by the university in faculty positions can only be done by a formal agreement signed by the president. Professor Bailey reports a strange turn of events in this case. The president`s contract offer and cover memorandum were given to him by Dr. Good, who took the opportunity to say that the special contract came from the college`s lawyer, not President Taylor or Dr. Good. He also tried to assure Professor Bailey that contracts are not a personal matter and that he and President Taylor were satisfied with his overall performance. In this context, he cited a conversation he had had the day before with President Taylor, when they were travelling together from and to Lexington.

After reading the letter and the offer of the contract, Professor Bailey responded to Dr. Good in an email sent the next morning: “Unfortunately, I do not agree with your statement that the content of the contract and cover letter is not a personal matter…

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