Athletic Grant In Aid Agreement

15.2.7 Employment. Earnings related to the employment of a student-athlete on or off campus, which take place at any time, are tax-exempt and are not taken into account in determining the cost of participating in a student-athlete or the financial restrictions of the institution; availability: (revised: 10/31/02 staff 8/1/03, 4/29/04 Effective 8/1/04) a) a) Student-athlete`s remuneration does not include any compensation for the value or usefulness that the student athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, glory or personal consequence he or she has received as a result of athletic skills; (b) the student-athlete is only compensated for the work done; and (c) the student-athlete is compensated at a rate corresponding to the current rate in that place for similar services (see Law 12.4). 15.2.8 Financial assistance in the summer. Summer financial assistance may only be granted for participation in the summer semester, summer school or summer orientation program of the funding body, provided that the following conditions are met (revised: 1/10/90, 1/10/92) a) the student has retained his residence for at least one semester during the regular academic year; (b) the student attends a summer semester, summer school or summer orientation program and financial support is managed in accordance with Law, or; or (c) the student is a two- or four-year transfer student and is assisted to participate in the funding agency`s summer orientation program. False fraudulent statements. If a student-athlete receives institutional financial support that, on the basis of the declaration that he intends to participate in a particular sport, by signing a letter of intent, application or offer, a measure of the recipient, would not participate (either by non-reporting to the practice, or after symbolic representations, as established by the institution), would constitute a misrepresentation of information relating to the recipient`s request, the letter of intent or the agreement. (Revised: 1/11/94, 8/7/14, 1/17/15 effective 8/1/15) We recognize that student-athletes have the unique challenge of reconciling the rigour of their academics with the demands of their sport (e.B. training lessons, travel and competitions). We also recognize that scholarship recipients depend on their sports grants to help pay for tuition, fees, books and supplies and/or the cost of living. Taking these concerns into account, the following information is provided to help student-athletes and their parents navigate the promotion and/or financial assistance procedures. Hearing opportunity. The institution`s ordinary financial authority informs the student athlete in writing of the possibility of being heard if, during the award period, institutional grants, based on any level of athletic capacity, are reduced or eliminated during the period of distinction, or are extended or not renewed for the following academic year or several years of study as part of the student-athlete`s five-year eligibility. The institution has defined appropriate procedures for the immediate hearing of such an application and does not delegate jurisdiction for the organization of the hearing to the university`s athletics department or its faculty athletics committee. The written communication on the possibility of a hearing contains a copy of the guidelines and procedures established by the institution for the organization of the necessary hearing, including the delay until the date on which a student-athlete must request such a hearing. (Revised: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06, 4/3/07, 4/23/08, 8/7/14) Full assistance is defined as the cost of education, fees, rooms, meals and textbooks. The duration of a premium may not exceed one year. The scholarship extensions will be completed in the spring for other athletes with sports scholarships.

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