5 Cfr Interchange Agreements

The Portability of Benefits for Nonappropriated Fund Employees Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-508) allows: to take into account the service with an instrumentality of funds (NAFI) unadaperity in the setting of salaries and benefits of a member of the Ministry of Defence of the NAFI who passes to an official appointment with the DOD and a member of the coastguard nafi who goes to a coastguard appointment on January 1 or after January 1 at a coastguard service. , 1987 – but only if the employee spends between the two dates without interruption of service of more than 3 days. In addition, Public Act 104-106 (February 10, 1996) amended the Portability Act to allow certain pension benefits that do not exceed one year`s service. To be covered by these provisions, an appointment may be made on the basis of the exchange contract or another authority with valid appointment power. F) Up to 30 calendar days for the time following an involuntary separation without a personal identity card of the workers, for a non-competitive job on the basis of an exchange contract with another remuneration system according to . 6.7 of this chapter, provided that the person is employed in the competing agreement during the period of the agreement`s validity. c) An exchange contract may be terminated by any party under the terms of the agreement.

The trade agreements provide for a bilateral movement. This means that professional and professional workers are eligible for employment in other benefit systems with which the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has described agreements under conditions similar to those of the previous section. A professional or professional worker who is not eligible for employment under an exchange contract may appeal under other appointment procedures to the other benefit system. Persons appointed under these agreements are not subject to a trial period under Part 5 CFR, Part 315, Part H, but acquire public service status upon order. Officers are subject to the monitoring or management sample in Part 315 CFR 5, Part I, but appropriate service in the other benefit system may be considered to determine the applicability of the trial period and eligible performance until the end of the trial period. Under Rule 6.7, OPM and an agency with a benefit system established as part of a exempt service can enter into an agreement setting out the conditions under which workers in the Agency`s system can be transferred to a competitive service. OPM has agreements with: (iv) Non-derogation or appointment of unassuming funds, appointment of the external action service or appointment in the Zone Merit System channel, provided that the worker is subject to an exchange agreement with another benefit scheme.

6.7 This chapter is designated at a competitive level of service in accordance with Executive Order 11219 as amended by Executive Order 12292 or in accordance with Executive Order 11271; An agency cannot designate a worker under an exchange contract in a competitive manner under the conditions listed below.

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