What Is An Activity Agreement

If you participate in an activity agreement, you are entitled to a living allowance. An activity agreement is an individual set of activities and learning that builds on the needs and interests of young people. It could be a series of activities – music, art, sport, outdoor activities – and can be flexible on the suggestions of young people. The goal is for a young person to be more confident at the end of a program and to feel ready to move on to the next transition to continuing education or employment. An activity agreement is an agreement between a young person and their “primary interlocutor” for the young person to participate in an apprenticeship and activity program that must be planned and implemented in order to help the young person prepare for formal learning or employment. There must be regular monitoring of the agreement with the young person. If the young person receives a living allowance (EMA), this meets the financial requirements of the EMA. The Youth Employment Unit, which is part of the Council`s employability service, includes a number of provisions, including activities officially known as activity agreements. Activity agreements are open to unemployed 16-19 year olds and need additional support to help them develop their skills in accessing formal education or employment. Programs are designed and implemented in different ways, but all aim to provide a wide range of key elements that turn to employability and personal development.

In addition, individual support is put in place, where introductory internships/internships, community projects and external/resident experiences are likely to be part of an activity agreement. An activity agreement between a youth and a counsellor is an agreement whereby the youth will participate in an apprenticeship and activity program to help them prepare for formal learning or employment. An activity contract is one of the targeted options for young people who reach the legal school age or can be an option at any time between the ages of 16 and 19. It is part of the Scottish Government`s guarantee of “opportunities for all” for a continuing education offer. Activity agreements are aimed at young people who, without additional help, cannot successfully move on to employment or training. As part of school transition planning, activity agreements can be an opportunity for young people who are not ready to engage in formal learning or work.

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