Supply Agreement Magyarul

There are different ways for the merchant to provide digital content or digital services to consumers. Simple and clear rules should be set on the terms and timing of the delivery obligation, which is the professional`s main contractual obligation, by making digital content or a digital service accessible to the consumer. Digital content or services should be considered available or accessible to the consumer when digital content or digital services or any means suitable for access or download have entered the consumer`s domain and the operator does not impose additional measures to allow the consumer to use digital content or service in accordance with the contract. Since the operator is not in principle responsible for the actions or omissions of a third party who operates a physical or virtual facility. For example, an electronic platform or cloud storage system that the consumer chooses for the reception or storage of digital content or services, it should be sufficient for the operator to provide the digital content or service to that third party. However, the physical or virtual installation cannot be considered to be chosen by the consumer if it is under the control of the operator or is contractually linked to the operator, or if the consumer has chosen this physical or virtual possibility of receiving digital content or services, but that this choice was the only choice offered by the operator to receive or access digital content or digital service. Harmonized rules on consumer contract law in all Member States would make it easier for businesses, particularly SMEs, to provide digital content or digital services across the EU. They would provide businesses with a stable regulatory environment when providing digital content or digital services in other Member States. They would also avoid legal fragmentation that would otherwise result from new national legislation that specifically regulates digital content and digital services. 2. Each party reimburses the other party for the costs of providing or purchasing equipment and services to the other party, under the conditions set out in the applicable FaS.

Where a restriction resulting from a violation of a third party`s right, including intellectual property rights, prevents the use of the content or digital services covered by Articles 7 and 8, Member States ensure that the consumer is entitled to recourse in the event of a breach of Article 14, unless national law provides for the nullity or termination of the contract for the provision of digital or digital content , in such cases, services. The aim of this directive is to contribute to the proper functioning of the internal market while ensuring a high level of consumer protection, by establishing common rules for certain requirements applicable to contracts between distributors and consumers with regard to the provision of digital content or services, in particular: 4.

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