Pump Maintenance Agreement

Currently, we manage and wait for contracts ranging from different pump sites to sites of more than 50 pumps, which have scheduled maintenance and 24-hour reactive pump repair contracts. Our full service support can minimize unexpected pumping station failures to ensure that your pumping station is operating efficiently and with minimal damage. We offer a low-cost pump maintenance solution you can count on, with specialized services for pumps, pumping stations, control panels and valves. Find a pump maintenance plan that`s right for you. If you would like to know more about our pump maintenance contracts or if you would like to have a package, please contact our distributor on 01630 647200. You can also check out our service contract brochure. Check out our 3p brochure, which details what needs to be rinsed and what should not be rinsed to ensure you minimize pumping station failures. Thanks to our competent in-house experts and engineers, we are able to offer a complete after-sales service to a large number of customers. Supplied by the experienced maintenance team at T-T. Our pump maintenance services offer a complete and planned pumping station maintenance program with a regular pumping station service. These services also include all important mechanical and electrical components.

We offer pumping packs as needed if you would like to assemble a custom package, please contact our service on (0) 1630 647200. We help you refuel your pumping station with our refuelling partners. T-T only works with professional companies with whom we have established good working relationships and whom we trust. We are in contact with the company, we book a visit, increase orders and we pay bills. We charge an administrative fee of 15% on the fuel bill. If you have a pump maintenance plan, you benefit from preferential conditions for parts and work, as well as a priority response for on-site service participation. Owners and operators of pumping stations are required to ensure hygienic operation and minimal damage to the environment. If this situation is violated, this can have serious legal consequences, so the maintenance of the pumps is essential. We can offer maintenance contracts, fixed-price and fixed-price contracts. Coupled with our competent advice and many years of experience in pumps and rotating electrical appliances. All of our engineers are fully mechanically and electrically qualified, JIB Registered and Confined Space Trained and Qualified. With Pump Solutions from Sewage Pump Services for Schools and Councils, Storm Water Pumps for the Highways Agency, we have helped with wildlife and trust traffic pumps.

Whatever your request we can customize, make the pump maintenance contract on your budget and needs. We have managed to win and maintain many repair and executive pump contracts in the South West and the UK. Dealing with many different sectors, offers 24/7 Pumpenrepartur-Breakdown-Contracts, pump-service contracts and pump maintenance contracts. We conduct complete water tests, supported by a complete certification for TVC22C, TVC37C, E.coli, Conliforms, Pseudomonas and Legionella.

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