Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Sat Practice

We`ve covered the basic rules to make sure the pronouns match their predecessors, but many of the pronoun questions for Saxon writing are designed to confuse you with no clear precursor. It is important to remember that the precursor of a pair of pronos must be a nostantif and that you must be able to circle it in the text. In other words, it is not enough for you to know what the pronoun refers to, the precursor must also be evident in the text. Sounds good, doesn`t it? But take a closer look. “Your” replaces “your friend” in this sentence — do you see the problem? “Your” is a plural pronoun, but “Your friend” is just one person. This sentence has a disagreement between a Pronost and its predecessor. The offer is singular and “she” plural. The corrected sentence is: “Instead of accepting the aliens` offer to buy, people rejected it and tried in vain to defend themselves.” There are many more people in this sentence, so I encoded the pronouns and their names. The trick here is to find out who`s doing what.

Jimmy left his bag at Julie`s house; Now she`s taking him back to him. When searching for Pronoun`s contractual errors, pay attention to sentences that are not followed clearly. You can find a comprehensive overview of best practices on rate improvement issues in our contribution to IS strategies. Although the phrases containing these indications are particularly likely to have a Pronoun chord, you should nevertheless make sure that each pronoun highlighted matches its predecessor. For more information on how to systematically check sentences for errors, check our article on matching questions to identify sentence errors. “She” may seem like the right pronoun for a collective name like “class,” because it is made up of several individuals, but the noun itself is singulated, so “it`s” right. For questions about identifying sentence errors, you can personally search for problems related to the agreement, just as you are looking for matching problems in the number: Choose the precursor for all highlighted pronouns and make sure they match. The pronoun “your” should refer to a plural noun, but here it refers to the singular “department” enoune.

Only one pronoun was to be used: “The department received most of its funds from private donors interested in research.” I know I`ve said it many times before, but the most important thing is to remember the pronouns about the writing of the SAT: every pronoun must have a precursor. I want to emphasize this because you sometimes see a pronoun that does not have one: the obvious solution is “as buyers, we are responsible,” but it is not a choice. Answer B has a similar disagreement with A with the plural “sound” means singular “buyer.”

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