Note Purchase Agreement Deutsch

All deliveries must be delivered with the delivery voucher with indication of our order announcements (order number, order items, item number). Different items must be packaged and labelled separately. The packaging of the delivered goods must be coordinated with Bavaria. As a general rule, goods must be packaged to eliminate damage caused by transportation, storage and aging. In the event of non-compliance, the resulting delays in processing orders are the sole responsibility of the supplier, in accordance with Section 4. The danger is transferred with the receipt of the goods by Bavaria. Invoices can only be sent to the header as PDF files as an attachment via email, to the email address and with the order number. Invoices sent by mail are only accepted in exceptional cases that are properly justified. It should be noted that it is possible that a signature and closure will take place in the same action and not at different times. However, in practice, these cases are reduced to simple, low-complexity business purchases, regardless of a pre-acquisition condition or factor. As soon as the terms of the agreement are met, the contract will have full legal effects. On that date, it is customary for the parties to the agreement, buyers and sellers, to appear before a notary to confirm their agreement and to continue the payment of the sale price and the delivery of the shares taking into account the ownership of the fully transmitted shares (the “final phase”). All of this will be reflected in a public document that will serve as reliable evidence of articulated activity.

The share purchase agreement is an agreement par excellence legally used to transfer the shares of a company. Its main objective is to take control of the activity of a company acquired, coordinated and organized between them by a multitude of elements – assets, debts, organization, people – in order to respond to a given economic activity. With regard to the basic content of the share purchase agreement, we must mention the most common clauses: once the due diligence phase is satisfactorily concluded, the share purchase contract is usually signed in a private document (in legal jargon, this phase is called “signing”). However, as a general rule, the transaction does not take place; In other words, there is no actual transfer of ownership of the shares to the buyer. The sale agreement is concluded by a written order from Bavaria and acceptance of the application in the form of an order confirmation or a commercial confirmation letter by the supplier. Delivery tables and order confirmations, as well as modifications and additions to these documents, require written approval from Bavaria. This also applies to the conclusion of a successive supply contract, as delivery times support the seller`s delivery obligation. Im Falle eines Vertragsabschlusses gelten die in der von bayern erteilten Auftragsvergabe gemachten Spezifikation gemachten sowie alle vom Lieferanten zur Verf-gungen zur Verf-gungen als garantiert.

In particular, compliance with delivery deadlines is considered binding. If the content of the order confirmation differs from the order in terms of product, right or technical specifications, this is a new request from the supplier. The new application is deemed to be accepted by Bavaria only if it is not rejected in writing within three working days of receipt.

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