Microsoft New Terms Of Agreement

F. Duration of agreement and termination. This agreement remains in effect for the duration of a subscription it has acquired as part of this subscription. You can terminate this contract at any time by contacting your dealer. The expiry or termination of this contract only terminates your right to place new orders for additional products under this Agreement. The aim is to facilitate the contractual experience and to continue to meet the regulatory obligations and confidence expectations of our partners. To achieve these goals, the Microsoft Partnership Agreement provides a simpler process for accepting and managing agreements and contains conditions that support our commitment to data protection, security, compliance and transparency. (i) online services. We guarantee that each online service meets the conditions of the ALS in force during the current lifespan.

Your only recourse in the event of a breach of this guarantee is those of ALS. (ii) for public offerings, the requirements set out in; and c. Licensing fees are not related to the execution of software media. Acquiring software materials or accessing a network source does not affect your license for software you received under this Agreement. We give you software, we don`t sell it. A. You agree to the processing of personal data by Microsoft and its agents in order to facilitate the purpose of this Agreement. As part of this agreement, you can provide Microsoft with personal data on behalf of third parties (including your contacts, resellers, distributors, administrators and employees). You will obtain all necessary consents from third parties under existing data protection legislation before providing personal data to Microsoft. g. Full agreement.

This agreement is the whole agreement on its purpose and replaces any prior or simultaneous communications. Assistance services for products purchased under this contract are provided by the reseller. h. Survival. The following provisions also apply after the end or expiry of this agreement: 5 (guarantees), 6 (claims defence), 7 (limitation of liability), 10f (applicable law and competent jurisdiction), 10g (global agreement), 10 a.m. (survival), 10i (U.S. export jurisdiction) and 11 (definitions). Yes, yes.

You must log in to the Partner Center and accept the new MPA terms with the global administrator registration information assigned to your Indirect Dealer Center Associate account. A. Right to use. We grant you the right to access and use online services and install and use software included in your subscription, as described in this Agreement.

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