Masmovil Orange Agreement

MASMOVIL`s total investment in this agreement amounts to approximately 180 million euros, which is significantly less than stand-alone use. In addition, MASMOVIL will benefit from the provision of a quality 5G network that can accommodate up to 4,500 active virtual sharing sites, which will cover 35% of the population, including the 40 largest cities in Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Saragossa, Malaga and Bilbao – where significant consumption of these services is expected. The agreement will include an additional need of 10 million euros until 2023 and will remain stable from 2024. Masmovil`s continued economic dynamism, combined with the new agreements, will result in higher EBITDA and CWF operational leadership. Meinrad Spenger, CEO of M`sM`vil, said: “This new agreement will enable us to finalise the development of a unique model in Europe for the construction of our own high-speed networks of the fourth operator in the most efficient way. With good economic and financial progress in the first half of the year, I.m.m, we have significantly improved our forecasts,” said RCR Wireless. The company saw its net profit increase by 36% in the first half to 73 million euros. “Despite the Covid 19 crisis, we are maintaining our strong business momentum with sustained growth in our key operational and financial parameters,” said Meinrad Spenger, CEO of Mr.M. Fernando Castro – 34.656.160.378 MASMOVIL Group reached a global network agreement with Orange, that includes access to new 5G services and a significant increase in its fibre optic footprint (Reuters) – Spanish telecoms company Masmovil said on Tuesday it signed a 5G deal with Orange Spain, helping the company increase its EDABIT forecast for three years. Finally, MASMOVIL has renegotiated its optional RaaS (Radio as a Service) or IRU agreement with Orange on 6,000 sites, which allows effective management of its customers` traffic. Orange Spain recently selected Chinese supplier ZTE to provide 5G infrastructure in some Spanish cities, the local newspaper Expansion reported, citing market sources.

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