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Learning Agreement Uni Ulm

We also invite other organisations, associations and public authorities to participate in the further work on dream-agreement.eu. We never change the agreements stored on this service and do not share them with other parties, except those that specifically designated users. This result is achieved by a party to the agreement (preferably the student, see below) that introduces the agreement and notifies the other contracting parties. All three parties have access to the display and processing of the content of the agreement, as well as the addition of electronic signatures to the document. The European Commission has presented a draft for the new apprenticeship agreements (and guidelines) that will be used by Erasmus participants. But it is very likely that each university has adapted it in one way or another, even if these versions can be very similar. Please always use your home university form. The free dream agreement.eu tool is a contribution from DreamApply to the student exchange community. In addition, the student has the option to delete the agreement immediately after following an email-based verification scheme to protect against accidental deletion.

To ensure optimal protection of the student`s personal data, we recommend that the student initiate the contract process and inform the sending and receiving coordinators, ensuring that the agreement is shared only with the coordinators, including only the official international email addresses of the universities concerned. It is also possible not to notify other contractors and simply prepare the agreement electronically, such as saving (or printing) a PDF file and then deleting it. In this case, no other party will have access to the agreement. The aim dream-agreement.eu tool is to help the coordinators of international relations between universities (IRC) and students to save considerable time in the implementation and sharing of Erasmus learning agreements, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the student exchange process. On November 24, 2008, the University of Ulm received the basic certificate “Family University” on the basis of an examination by the company berufund family gGmbH. The Executive Committee of the University of Ulm has signed an agreement of objectives in which the University of Ulm commits to take other measures to better balance work and family life. The public handing over of the certificate took place on June 17, 2009 by the patron, federal minister of the family, dr. Ursula von der Leyen. On 30 June 2008, the University Hospital was the first university hospital in Baden-Wuerttemberg to obtain the same certificate.

With interim reports and another review after three years, institutions must prove that they are implementing the objectives they have set themselves – only then will the final certificate be issued. With your acceptance letter, you received feedback on the courses and modules you indicated in your study proposal. The time has come to conclude an apprenticeship agreement, as required by the Erasmus programme. There are several ways to integrate dream-agreements.eu into your university`s processes: during its development, as the features of the tool have become apparent, DreamApply has decided to expand the scope of the new tool by making it available as a tool in its own right, which can be used for free for each university, for the benefit of the entire Erasmus community. The tool has been made free, allowing all partner coordinators to share their agreements collaboratively. In addition, the tool also has an API that any university can use to simply integrate it into its study information system and automate its work in terms of learning agreements.

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