Eclipse Foundation Membership Agreement

What is the process of downgrading an associate member, and what are the main differences in benefits? If you want Solutions Member (formerly known as “add-in provider”) to drop down down drop down by Solutions Member, you must complete a “Change Appendix C” document – which will be sent to you on request. You`ll find a full description of all types of affiliation and key benefits on the Membership Types page. The main differences between membership in The Solution and association membership are: Associate members are organizations that wish to participate in the Eclipse Foundation ecosystem and show support. Many research and educational institutions choose to join as associate members. Benefits for associated memberships include: Contributors are organizations that consider Eclipse Foundation technologies important to their business and product strategy and offer products and services based on or with Eclipse Foundation technologies. These organizations want to participate in the development of the Eclipse Foundation`s vast ecosystem. Most members are first contributing members. The benefits for membership are as follows: The annual fee comparison diagram for members based on membership levels is provided below only to illustrate. Detailed information can be found in the Eclipse Foundation membership agreement. Note that the contributions of Eclipse Working group members are separate and in addition to the overhead subscription to the Eclipse Foundation.

Send the agreements made to Once you have chosen the membership level (z.B. Strategic, Contributing, Associative, Committer): Does this mean that I have to report my business income to the Eclipse Foundation? No no. As with other professional organizations and consortia, all you have to do is indicate your organization`s revenue level. Your contributions are confidential to the Eclipse Foundation only for accounting purposes and are not shared or published. Who do I talk to for other questions? Please contact What is the reference period that should be used to calculate our contributions? Most companies integrate comfortably at a revenue level, so the concern for reference periods is largely irrelevant. However, if your organization is at the border between membership levels, please use the last available annual reference period available to you. For example, if your renewal date is December 15, 2008 and your annual reporting period expires on December 31, don`t wait, just use your 2007 annual report to determine your contributions. The Eclipse Foundation needs the support of our members and contributions from the user community to serve and develop the Eclipse ecosystem.

In addition to membership, Eclipse project users can support the community by joining the Corporate Sponsorship Program. Strategic members play an essential role in the Eclipse Foundation`s ecosystem. Strategic members are organizations that view participation in Eclipse projects as strategic for their business and invest important developers and other resources to advance Eclipse Foundation technology. Typically, strategic members lead one or more high-level projects. The benefits of strategic membership include: My organization declares income in a currency other than the USD, what exchange rate should we use? Most organizations integrate comfortably at a revenue level, so small fractions of an exchange rate are largely irrelevant. However, if your organization is located at the border between membership levels, please use the exchange rate from the last business day of your reference period. If your organization does not use an officially recognized exchange rate for reporting purposes, please use to calculate your price.

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