App Store Program License Agreement

Apple regularly releases new apple Developer Program License agreements, which all customers must agree to. By not accepting the latest agreement, you`re preventing Optix from sending updates to your white-label apps, such as new features and bug fixes. To accept the latest agreement, please follow the following steps: Once you`re logged in, click the warning at the top of your screen that will take you to a page to accept these updates. Several times a year, Apple will issue updates for its licensing agreement for development programs. Note: This article only applies to customers with white tagging applications. If you take these steps, you`ll make sure your users get the latest features from the app! It`s important that when you receive an email from Apple reporting such an update, you quickly log in to the Apple Developer account, which is linked to your White Label Travefy Mobile app, and accept your updates. If you don`t, Travefy can`t release updates for your mobile app. Switch to and log in to your account. If this is helpful, below are instructions for accepting an update to the Apple Developer Program licensing agreement.

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