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Agreement Contract Between Parent And Child

Singh AS, Vik FN, Chinapaw MJ, Uijtdewilligen L, Verloigne M, Fernandez-Alvira JM, Stomfai S, Manios Y, Martens M, Brug J: Test-retest Reliability and Construction Valid of the ENERGY-Kind questionnaire on energy balance behaviours and their potential determinants: the ENERGY project. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2011, 8: 136-10.1186/1479-5868-8-136. In general, we found that parents and children responded differently to questions related to the evaluation of educational practices. This disagreement can be explained by several factors. Rhee K: childhood obesity and the relationship between parental behaviour, education style and family function. Teh ANNALS Am Acad Polit Soc Sci. 2008, 615: 11-37. 10.1177/0002716207308400. There should be a debate on what is considered appropriate content. If the contract applies to video games, you must include age-appropriate ratings for your child. If it`s for a phone, make sure what apps they are and aren`t allowed to use. For computers, explain the types of websites they are allowed to access and give concrete examples of websites where they are not allowed to access.

As part of the ENERGY [31] project, eight European countries participated in the cross-sectional survey [32], resulting in a large data set that reflected different cultures. This is important because parenting practices and perceptions of these practices are likely to vary from culture to culture [30]. A number of variables that may influence the relationship between children`s and parents` relationships, such as the BMI of objectively assessed children. B and parental perception of their child`s weight, were available for analysis. The reliability of the test was good for both parental and child questionnaires, and conception was good and moderate to good for most, but the elements of parental and subordinate practice in the parental and child questionnaire [38, 39]. In general, return rates of children were high (more than 80% in all countries). Return rates were generally high among parents, with the exception of Belgium (62%) and the Netherlands (44%), which may have skewed the results, not least because non-response is related to the child`s BMI [32].

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