Ad Hoc Committee Good Friday Agreement

Some trade unionists have said Theresa May`s deal with the EU would be a violation of the deal. According to a communication, the Committee is bipartisan and reflects the broad spectrum of Irish America. Members of the Special Committee for the Protection of the Good Friday Agreement asked members of both sides to support the resolution. It also states that the House of Representatives “will insist that all new or amended trade agreements and other bilateral agreements between the U.S. government and the U.K. government include conditions that require compliance with the obligations under the Good Friday Agreement.” Former Congressman and co-chair of the committee, Bruce Morrison, said: “Pro-Brexit supporters have reduced the importance of the GFA to the point where it has been rejected. Former Congressman James Walsh, a co-chair of the commission, said members were “alarmed” by the developments. The commission will work closely with the U.S. Congress “to support and protect the Good Friday Agreement,” he concluded. The letter states that “Brexit supporters in London have pledged to reduce the importance of the Good Friday agreement so that it is considered irrelevant, even though it is a binding international peace agreement.” “The recent decision by the Prime Minister and Parliament to reopen the withdrawal agreement and find an alternative to the backstop has put the Good Friday Agreement at stake.

It alerts us. The backstop is the insurance policy that protects the GFA and the GFA cannot be used as a mass bargaining force because Brexit supporters are looking for an alternative deal,” said former Congressman James Walsh, co-chairman of the ad hoc committee. “The majority of the people of Northern Ireland voted to maintain life,” Walsh added. Economic leaders and even unionists have made it clear that they want to keep the backstop in the withdrawal agreement, but no one in London seems to be listening. A hard border will further divide an already divided society. The GFA has maintained peace in Northern Ireland for more than 20 years and must be protected at all costs. A group of Irish leaders has set up an ad hoc committee to protect the Good Friday Agreement. In a letter, Prime Minister Theresa May and Prime Minister Leo Varadkar expressed concerns about the Belfast and Good Friday (GFA) agreement in light of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

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